Hang Up Holder Long

Hang Up Holder Long
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Model: Pendle Hang Up Holder Long
Manufacturer: Pendle
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The Pendle Hang Up Holder (HUH) Long is a simple holder that allows you to hang your bike from a wall. It features a large, strong, plastic coated hook that makes it easy to hang your bike. Innovative snap together laser cut construction makes it easy to assemble from a flat pack with just 1 bolt to hold it together. The Long Version provides a tyre holder to hold the bike clear of the wall and give extra support to the tyre, it also includes a security loop positioned close the the bottom bracket of the bike. This allows the user to strap the bike down firmly in place or to pass through a bike lock as part of a theft deterrent system.

You will need to obtain the correct type of screws and plugs to fix to your wall, after that assembly is simple. Plastic bungs are supplied to blank off the screw holes for a clean look.

The large tyre holder holds the wheel steady and stops it from making contact with the wall. This stand is ideal for moving up a step from the generic DIY store hook in the ceiling to something more substantial or in scenarios where hanging from the wall is the only option. Another advantage is the ability to place the holder at a height that suits your needs rather than being limited by the height of the ceiling.

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Hang Up Holder Long
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